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Use moisturizer BEFORE applying Tazorac?

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I've been on Tazorac 0.5% cream for 5 months now, but I've never applied moisturizer before putting the medication on at night like the Tazorac website says you should.

I've always used my moisturizer in the morning and/or afternoon, but I'm at the point now where I can no longer tolerate the redness on my face.

If I start applying moisturizer right before Taz at this point in my treatment, will I notice any setbacks in my acne situation? Will I have another initial breakout? I'm worried that less medication will get through to my skin because of having the lotion on there.


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Less medication might get through, but it may not be enough of a difference to affect your acne. It might be worth a trying just to lessen the irritation, though.

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Depends on moisturizer and how well and fast it dries. Cetaphil with spf15 is the best, it absorbs into the skin really quickly and reduces the redness. Apply cream before taz,wait 30 minutes and then apply Taz. This is what I have been doing and it has been extremly effective,I went and still am going through the break out period ,with less peeling and redness than the 2nd week. I am on my 3rd week and my back is clearing , i have 2 huge pimpleson my upper lip and chin but my jawlin cleared out the 2nd week! the white head underneath my chin reduced like in the 1 week, i dont have anymore. My forehead is clear, have not had a pimple on my forehead since the first week of use,,this stuff is a blessing, i am truly thankful, but yeah get the cetaphil cream and the redness will reduce, it will not effect ur acne in any type of way! many blessings to you! Peace

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