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Alright, 18yo male here. I got my first (small) breakout when I was 13. It disapeared by the time I turned 14 and I thought that was that. Well, around the age of fifteen it came back. Not too bad at first, but then it slowly got worse after my 16th birthday. I don't know why either. I'm a health nut. I eat healthy, I drink healthy, I get an hour of excercise every day and I weight train. Yet somehow it happened to me. No one else in my family has had it. At least like this, anyway, so it can't be genetic. So I'm clueless. Meanwhile, all my fat and out of shape friends have flawless skin. I guess this is God's way of punishing me for being too beautiful...

Anyway, I guess my acne could be considered mild. I don't get blackheads or whiteheads or cysts or any of that bad stuff. Just your regular, inflamed acne. It isn't even that bad, I've been told, but every time I look in the mirror that's all I can see. Feels like my face is one massive zit.

This is day 1 on the regimen. I bought my supplies at shoppers just this morning before school: Spectro Jel Skin Cleanser, Spectro 2.5 BP Vanishing Lotion, and Spectro Derm Moisturizer.

They didn't have any of that Neutrogena stuff.

Okay, the plan was to post some photos, but for some reason I can't, so you'll have to make do with descriptions.

I currently have a whopping total of sixteen (16!!) pimples. The rest are red marks from former pimples that take freakin forever to fade.

This is my last line of defence in this war against my face. Like so many before me, I've tried everything I could get my paws on.

I hope to god this works...

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What I like to recommend to all regimen users who are starting out, would be to (if possible) at the least buy Dan's BP. He got it right and it's your main defense against your acne so you want to make sure you're not provoking your acne or simply making it worse. Also, make sure your products do not have ingredients that irritate acne prone skin as you will be taking a step backwards.

Here's a link to ingredients that may cause acne prone skin to become irritated.

Anyways, best of luck and be persistent!

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