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So anyway, let me first list my regimen


Cetaphil Cleanser

Olive Oil Face massage

Oxy BP 2.5%

Olay Complete for Oily/Combination skin


Shower and use Baby Brush method

Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Cream Cleanser

Olive Oil massage


Neutrogena Healthy Skin

So it seems to me that after using the DKR regimen, i have cleared up within a week, but i think my skin might have grown some tolerance because now i just grew a Cyst in which i RARELY ever get those (maybe it's because i've been using a cream cleanser for the baby brush method? instead of the suggested non-medicated cleansers... but i just wanted the salycic acidy goodness :o) I mean right now my face is still clear, and finally the blackheads are slowly surfacing. But it's just the growth of the Cyst that's really bugging me. The white heads don't bug me as much though. I basically just wanna get rid of the scars on my cheeks and the cyst that has just grown after i got rid of the first one =( I personally think that my skin is one of those "non-inflamed" acne typed skins, but it's because of the recent growth of cysts that has been stopping me from trying Laura's method... Because really... I have no inflamed acne except for the recent cyst that grew..

Anyway i am just rambling now so ya... Can i get some helpful advices? >< I have like 2 interviews this week too so i don't want to go looking like a mess :P

(btw, yesterday i worked for the elections and sat in the gym for 13 hours eating on just pure bread and some bueno... might the diet or boredom contribute to my cystic upbringing? xD)

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Unless you have an intolerance to wheat, gluten, ect., then bread shouldn't be the cause of your recent cyst.

I suggest taking an ibuprofen to bring down the swelling of the upcoming cyst. Other than that, it could be stress because of your job interviews perhaps?

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