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wouldn't you know it..

the day after i see my brand-new boyfriend again after three weeks of being apart, i get the BIGGEST BUMP I'VE HAD ON MY FACE IN YEARS, full of puss and everything.

is it stress? is it a coincidence? is it FATE trying to tell me that i'll never be beautiful and i don't deserve a lover EVER?

fyi, i didn't change ANYTHING in my regimen, and this is the worst, the absolute WORST zit i've had in YEARSSS. and no, i'm NOT exaggerating.

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is it FATE trying to tell me that i'll never be beautiful and i don't deserve a lover EVER?

Your new boyfriend obviously likes you enough that he asked you to be his girlfriend. You are beautiful, so apply tea tree oil on that sucker and wait for it to flatten. =)

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Guest brandi79

your panicing over one pimple???

You look pretty to me.

I think u want attention.

but people tell me tht 2.

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I dont think shes tryin to get attention lol shes just saying how she feels. One really bad pimple is enough to make me go crazy too.

Im pretty much going through the same thing right now I have this huge bump on my face and I dont know what to do and Im trying soooooooo hard not to touch it because I have work and school tomorrow. Ive been icing it but it doesnt seem to be doing much. :( i'm hopeless atm and am probably staying home all weekend yay!!

Are you seeing him again soon, is that why you're stressing?

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a quick response to those who commented.

thanks to those who have gone through the same thing, and are sympathetic.

to those who say i'm pretty and just posting for attention, i have had chronic acne all over my face for the past eight years or so. so i've been "panicing" over a face FULL of bad skin for some time now.

and ESPECIALLY thanks to those who had some really good advice and remedies to offer, and the words of encouragement about my beau. sometimes i feel hideous around him, but i just try and remind myself that he has plenty of insecurities, too. and that he MOVED TO A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STATE for me, so he must think SOMEthing of me... crazy son-of-a-gun...

like i said, comments appreciated. let's all connect and share our wisdom with everyone else who's suffering!!!


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I vote for coincidence. I don't think fate would come in the form of a single pimple. Tea tree oil or BP should do the trick. The icing remedy works for stubborn, swollen cysts.
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