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collagen tablets

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its good.... i take collagen tabs... the more collagen in your body the better and it dont do no harm.. reviews are always top for these things... give it a go like me

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I've used hydrolyzed collagen powder for a few years, just for general health and improving skin. I'm not entirely sure if it helps with skin and doubtful of its effects on scars, at least if not combined with scar treatments. However, I've found it calming and helping with stress, so I continue with it.

However, you shouldn't have too high expectations. Dietary collagen DOES break down completely into individual amino acids in the gastrointestinal tract when it is absorbed, so it's arguable whether it affects collagen synthesis in the skin at all. Most amino acids are not essential, and the body swiftly converts dietary amino acids into others depending on what it happens to be needing and does whatever it wants with them. However, I have wondered that if the body happens to get an abundance of amino acids that make up collagen, maybe it could just not bother converting them and use some of it to produce more collagen. Alternatively, it may not, it could just use the amino acids for something else. Or it may synthesize more collagen initially, then get used to the dietary change in amino acids and adjust its own processes and enzymes accordingly, so that in the end the hydrolyzed collagen would only have a transitory effect on skin.

I'm not sure which of these happens. I've read several positive stories about collagen having a tightening and softening effect on skin, so it seems to do something at least to begin with. Initially I noticed a definite softening of my skin after starting taking collagen, but now I'm either used to it or the effect has worn off. So, it really may just be a transitory effect that would last a couple of months, but it's hard to say. However, using collagen IS a good thing, because there's a theory about it reducing stress (stress inhibits collagen synthesis!), especially if you eat a lot of meat.

I also try to make bone broth fairly often, because it contains a lot of collagen and nutrients, and I do think that it does improve skin health on top of generally being healthy.

Sorry for the incredibly long nerd rant about this. tongue.png I've been pondering about dietary collagen for a while now, I needed to get it out somewhere.

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