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Acne could be caused by unresolved emotions

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My acne has returned slightly. So I am going to try a whole new treatment. I will keep you all informed. I am going to visit 2 different therapists who deal with emotional sub-concious hypnosis.

I was reading this article wich explained about blocked emotions wich may exist in many of us. These emotions are found deep inside the sub-concious mind. When there is an emotional blockage the central nervous system does not work properly which affects some of our organs. I know for sure that acne is caused by digestive problems. I have tried cleansing and detoxifying and it helped enourmously. So I am convinced of this concept. Not to mention that food affects acne - and food is part of our digestive system - once it is consumed.

Now, the real question is "what causes these digestive problems". I believe (I am not entirely sure) that our nervous system triggers our organs to function in certain ways. However, if your nervous system is not functioning properly, than you organs temporarly "shut down" in a gradient consistancy. After many years of this constant "shut down", the body's nerve outputs are not well balanced. Hormones also affect our mental and emotional condition.

According to my therapists, during these sessions I will be under hypnosis. They say that you can do amazing things with your subconcious mind. I will be in control of my hypnosys. I will "access" my sub-concious mind and find out the true causes of my emotional blockages. I will revisit my deepest emotions that existed in me many years ago and I will find out why a discontinued using these emotions. I will even find certain emotions that I have never used since I was born. I am not sure if this will help me but I promise I will keep you all informed.

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I am sure it will help you, in many aspects. We will have to wait and see about your acne. I noticed my skin improving during therapy, was never sure if it was the stress relief or my medication kicking in. Who knows ay

Hope it goes well for you :angel:

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this is common knowledge in relation to stress and the ANS and CNS, worth googling.

I am not sure if you can specifically link it to acne, but stress is related to millions of illnesses and ailments

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