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Angry and at the end of my rope with this. Been over 10 years

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Hi everyone, i'm new here so bear with me. I'll TRY not to make this too long.

I remember my problem started years and years ago back in history class. I'd always had problems with acne, and I remember in that class my nose started itching like crazy. Like nothing I've ever felt before. I scratched my nose the whole time I was in class. The next day I woke up with three bumps/pimples in my nose, right in the center, one on top of the other. It looked absolutely disgusting. After about a week of hiding myself, the bumps went away, BUT they left the skin loose so it still looked as if the bumps were still there, but they were just air bubbles now, ON MY NOSE. Does anyone know what that is? They haven't gone anywhere, and I've had them for the past 10 years, I couldn't take it anymore and I'd never heard of this before. I never like showing my face anywhere because of these 3 stupid bumps right in the center of my nose.

Now, around new years time, to make things worse, a new bump popped up RIGHT inside the biggest air bubble i had, and it made it look even larger. That was the last straw, and I decided I would try to scrape off all three air bubbles. I used sterile pins and shaving razors and managed to destroy the top/biggest bubble and the bottom bubble. The middle one is still there. I am very very glad two of them are gone, but NOW there is massive circular scarring where the big bump and bottom bump was. It's been months since the new year and they haven't even begun to fade. I've used Scarzone and another gel on my scars for the past 6 weeks, but still NOTHING. Have I seriously just traded one permanent bump problem for a more visible and permanent scar problem? Will these go away on their own? What can I do to make these go away?? My skin colour is tanned, not too dark. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance and I apologize for the length of this. I do need to vent.

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SORRY that you have this problem. All i know for sure is that these forums dont really have much answers for people with hypertrophic (bumped up) scarring. I would suggest looking for surgeons in your area who you can have a consultation with. Sometimes there seems to be no hope but then out of nowhere a solution just pops out at you.

good luck.

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Guest brandi79

idk, this is my opinion:

you said you scratched your nose the whole time in class which means all the bacteria from everything you touched and inside of your fingernails went into your skin.. you cant dig into your skin especially if your a teenager.. than after that the bacteria clogged your pores went inside your skin and caused you 3 pimples.. if your nose was itchy you should have grabbed a cloth to stratch it or used anti itch..

you have 2 see a dermatologist to diagnose you and he might be able to give you medicine to take them away.. nobody on here is going 2 really actually know.. only be able to guess..

it was not keloid scarring which happens when you get a pimple and excess collagen is produced after it heals so it leaves a bump as a scar.. it was just a pimple that would have gone away..u cant grab a razor and shead your skin off.. that will cause a hole in your face and the only way to get rid of it is with lasers and if its too deep the only way is by cutting it out which will look like a white line on your nose.. next time, leave your face alone and dont pick it

i did the same thing as you except the scar is on my cheek and im getting it cut out and not my nose.. if it was on my nose that would not be good.. ive had dozens of pimples and make the mistake of popping one.. all cause it was on there for a year..and so i got annoyed and pin poped it..if you pop, you scar.. its there for life.

just remember do not pick at a pimple ever or you will scar your face.

before doing surgery i would reccommend you using bio oil people said it has token away many scars including indents.. its 20 dollars a bottle.. i would use this before trying any other product

strivectin SD and mederma.. though, i think mederma is shit..

scarzone wont do anything.. that helps with red marks or hyperpigmentation..it does not help with indent scars.. over the counter products that take that away are Strivectin SD, bio oil, or Glycolic acid, and anything with AHA alpha hydroxy acids, i reccomend jan marini bio glycolic acid cleanser.. if you use glycolic acid do not go over 12% unless you see a doctor or a spa otherwise you risk burning your face.. check the percentage on the bottle before purchasing it.. copper pepcides may help as well.. The whole 6 monthes you have been applying scarzone has been wasted when you should have been trying bio oil since it has the best reviews for scar treatment.. you gotta do your research buddy..

the best thing is going to the doctors and trying:

chemical peels, microdermabrasion, lasers, collagen injections, punch grafts, punch techniques, or anything else

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hey brandi maybe you should lighten up. I dont find it very helpful to tell a person their past faults and all the things they should dwell on.

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