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Can't view other pages on forums?

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I noticed this first yesterdayish. Basically, I can view the first page of a thread, but when I click to go to other pages (page 2, page 3, and so on) it just shows a repeat of the first page, every single time.

This is very frustrating, and it keeps happening on every thread I go to.

Anyone else experiencing this problem as well? Can somebody fix it?

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Hey all

The page selection button is kinda useless for me. When I browse a large thread, I click "2" to get to the next page, and after loading it shows 2, but the content is the same as in the first page. There are 100 posts per page.

Tried changing settings to 20 posts per page, but it seems to do nothing. Clicking the "last post" link does get me to the last page, although the "page meter" shows page 1.

Thanks for any help!

NOTE: Before posting this thread I have found out that it is a problem with Firefox, that is fixed when using Internet Explorer. I'll still post that because it can be helpful for some who experience the same problem.

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Leave acne.org, clear your cookies. Close your browser. Open your browser. To be safe/sure, clear your cookies again. Go to acne.org and log in.

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