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Boyfriend post-accutane but still oily

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My boyfriend finished taking Roaccutane in February which had cleared him of his spots, but now the oiliness is returning and he's coming out in localised mild acne on his forehead that is really making him down in the dumps, as he thought he'd been cured.

I'm also on Roaccutane at the moment for my cystic acne that I had badly, and it's working out really well so far, so unfortunately he's suffering while I get happier about my skin.

He talks about his skin all the time, and I want to help him, but he won't listen to me because he thinks he's tried every possible product and its unfortunate that the ones that worked on my drier skin didn't work for him in the past. So he won't listen to any of the things I'm suggesting to try, or even to look on this site to see for himself what's available. He thinks the only solution is to go back to the Derm, and back on Roaccutane.

Does anyone have any advice for me to be able to listen to him, and offer support without feeling the need to suggest other options that he refuses to listen to? Or alternatively know if this oiliness is something that might regulate after a few months, or if it's something he has to deal with now he's off the treatment?

Help! It's like a big wedge in our relationship, eventhough my skins getting better, this is another way acne affects our lives!

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I would have you're boyfriend wait a bit, breakous can happen after the finish of Roaccutane, but if it continues to get worse, and worse, he may just have to go on a Second Course of Roaccutane, i know it sucks, but what else can he do?

I do know people that go on prescribed topical acne treatments after Accutane, so maybe go to his derm and ask for like Tazorac, or Retin-A.

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tell him to try dan's BP. i use 2 pumps every night, and wash twice a day with a cleanser. moisturize twice a day also. it works pretty well to control the bit of acne I have left over after accutane. ( i finished about 2 and a half years ago)

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