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Someone assure me it will get better?! 4th month on tane.

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Hey! i started accutane back in febuary for continuous unresponsive moderate acne, and I have been on the drug for over 4 months. The first 3 months I was on it for 40mg but the joint pain got so bad my doctor lowered my dose to 20mg (I am also tremendously physically active and I can't discontinue doing so for rpactical reasons). Moreover, I am still breaking out in horrible pastules which I never really got frequently....EVEN WORSE they are scarring my face! (this never happens either!). I don't know what to do I look so bad under certain light I can't bare to look in the mirror. However, it has gotten better because the red marks seem to have faded faster..but I have more acne than usual.

So... to narrow it down

-It usually is going to get better right? I know it is different for everyone but in general?

-is there anything i can do to minimize this scarring that is occuring (rolling scars)?

-Is there a difference between 40mg and 20mg in a course? my doctor said since i switched to 20mg I will need to be on the drug for 20months....this scares me.....(if I were to take 80 he wouldve put me on 5months..but I couldn't even handle the joint pain on 40mg).

Anyone have any tips? I'm typically new to this whole accutane thing and haven't been on this board for a while.


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