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I'm looking for a moisturizer with NO salicylic acid in it?

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I'm looking for a daily moisturizer (day and night) that has to acne fighting chemicals/salicylic acid in it. I used to use one by clean and clear but they stopped making it. I'm just hesitant to just buy one because I want to make sure it wont clog my pores. I don't want any Salicylic acid in it because it irritates my skin.

anyone know of some good ones?



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so just a moisturizer with NO salicylic acid? I been using Neutrogena oil-free fresh moisture.

It is ultra light and non greasy,so you dont get that really shiney look.A little pricey...I think I paid 14 dollars for it.But my face stays clearer on it then when I used Cetaphil.

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thanks guys, I'm asking because the moisturizer I currently use irritates the skin on my nose and makes my nose red for the whole day. but I have to use it because if I don't I'll be walking around with dry skin all over my nose

but thanks :D

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Here are some recommendations of moisturizers (over the counter, both medicated and non-medicated), reviewed by members here: http://www.acne.org/over-the-counter/moist...ge1.html#browse

The following are recommended moisturizers that are more gentle (intended to work with the Regimen from this site): http://www.acne.org/moisturizers/rcat5/page1.html#browse . These are also recommended and reviewed by our members here. Of course there are many other products that aren't reviewed or mentioned. Searching for 'moisturizer' will give you HUNDREDS if not thousands (eeek) of hits on this website alone. :)

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