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I have a few cysts on my chin and then a single one on the left side of my face. I really don't want to pop or mess with them but they're really shiny looking and sort of red. I don't really have any acne treatments in my house besides Proactiv(I don't even mess with it anymore. The stuff don't work.). I was wondering if the Acne.org products will take care of cysts and nodules.

But back to what I was asking. Since I don't really have anything to use, will they eventually go away or do they just stay there? If there is any type of natural way to at least treat it, please tell.

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There's a lot of options on the org. Finding what works for you is the tricky part that ONLY YOU can answer. My suggestion is to see a derm who can inject your cysts and get them to go down. But as far as a longterm treatment regimen I have to recommend going more the nutrition/holistic route, again you have to try what works for you long term. I had to try a lot of things until I finally tweaked my regimen over the course of a year and now my skin is 95-98% clear from diet, fiber, exercise, water intake and some soaps and an AHA lotion. This was after 3 course of max accutane, so that tells you what I think of that drug, all the money $$$$ I spent and my wasted time. Good luck, heres a link on the org to get you started.


It's from a user called Alternativista who's one of the most knowledgable posters on this site.

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i've had good luck using topical sulfur on cysts. i use bye bye blemish, it's 10% sulfur. it doesn't magically make them disappear, but when i start to feel one forming, i just apply it once or twice a day, and it seems to help keep it from getting as huge as it normally would.

the other thing i've wanted to try is applying tea tree oil to cysts, but i haven't purchased any yet.

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