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Thoughts on my skin

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Currently I am on this:



Neobenz 5.5%

Bactrim (Sulfamethoxazole)

I've had acne since 13, maybe? I forget... but I'm 20 now and should be done with acne by now.

I still get regular acne and I feel like I have a lot of noticeable red marks.

What are your thoughts?




(I had to upload my pics to a 3rd party site because they were too big too upload here).

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Doesn't look too bad. Caring about red marks seems a bit futile, so if I were you I'd try to accept them as a part of my complexion/look. It's not too bad at all. You've got around 3 or something active inflammatory lesions that I can see, and they're not even big. Also, since you posted pictures of your face only, I assume you don't have body acne, or do have a very mild case? If I'm correct; seriously. You look good. The chin seems like a bit of a problem area, though.

How does your skin look when you're off all those medications?

Oh and good luck!

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Doesn't look bad! Those look like stubborn red marks, and it looks like they're already fading. Don't really see a problem here, sorry. Continue with the regimen...how long have you been on that regimen?

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I've been perfecting it for months now. It's tough to say exactly how long. I've been on the topicals longer than the oral medication, that's for sure.

Everyone tells me that it's not that bad, but as all of you probably know, it looks worse to you than it does to other people.

I've never tried going off the meds... I've always been on something since I was 14/15... Maybe 16.

And yeah, my chin area has always been the problem area. The rest is basically just random I rarely get them on my forehead though, and If I do, it's usually small.

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