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Time to get rid of this!!!

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Okay first up, a little info about myself.

Im 26, male, and have been battling facial acne and bacne since I was about 11.

I have tried everything, from topicals to head and shoulders to antibiotics, but so far nothing has worked. I gather that a lot of you people on here will be able to relate to that :boohoo:

However, I have notice that my skin seems to be at its best when using gentle products (or what regular people call normal products!). I have also noticed that I have better skin when I exercise (which i havent done in a long time!).

With the above in mind, I have a new regime...

For washing:

Once a day (bath/shower)

I will be using Dove soap for my face and body (just rubbing it on normally! No scrubs or brushes or anything!)

After washing:

Nothing except a little bit of vaseline on my lips as they get really dry. Well its not just my lips that gets dry its my whole face but I put this down to the fact that i have used so many harsh treatments! The dry skin on my face goes away after a while, but I cant stand the look/feeling of dry chapped lips!!!


Anything goes :dance:

I have tried so many diets, avoiding this and that (dairy, wheat, meat, sugar whatever!!) and have come to the conclusion that it makes no difference to my skin, just bugs the hell out of me!


This is important. I will be running every morning for 30 mins (increasing later maybe...)

And finally:

This is the hard part! I will force myself to be happy and go out and enjoy myself! I miss out on so many things cos im always fretting about my skin!

Will update this every couple of days to let you know how it goes....

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