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I've beaten my acne. Here's what I used.

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Hi everyone. It's been a very long battle over the years but I've finally found a method that has left me waking up for the past week with absolutely NO new pimples.

I had moderate acne all over my cheeks, they were your normal whiteheads. I've spent a long time trying to figure out how to beat them.

First off, 2 months ago I bought Neutrogena "Oil-Free Acne Wash" and Aveeno "Ultra-calming Daily Moisturizer SPF15"

Using both of these products I saw no immediate effect, but surely and slowly I started getting fewer and fewer each morning. (I was used to waking up with about 6 new ones a day)

Please note this method did not work instantly for me, and there could have been other factors. I think one of the more important things I changed about myself is the fact that I stopped eating TV-Dinners, they made have had a negative effect on my skin as well.

I hope all of you solve this terrible issue. So I just wanted to suggest the method that finally worked for me.

------ How I used these products.

First thing I do at night is wash my face with the acne wash, and use a paper towel to damp off my face (NOT WHIPE) so that there's no residue from previous days on there.

Right after I use the moisturizer all over my face.

When I go to bed, I have trained myself to not sleep on my side, so my face never touches anything at night. Believe it or not, your pillows can be a serious source of acne. So changing this IS going to help you.

In the morning I use absolutely nothing. This ensures my face doesn't take too much of a beating on a daily basis.

Always practice not touching your face during the day. You touch your face a lot more than you think on a daily basis, and that can cause serious acne issues.

To get rid of acne, you need to make it the most important thing in your life. You need to live around your acne, and constantly practice methods such as the ones listed above. Just ignoring it will make you feel better, but won't get rid of the problem.

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Congrats on finding what works for you.

A caution to others: many people on this board, including myself, have had a lot of trouble with that Neutrogena cleanser being too harsh on their skin. It contains sulfates, isn't pH-balanced, and contains salicylic acid, which is useless in cleansers and can contribute to issues with dryness and irritation.

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