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I think location/environment is my cause for breakouts. Thoughts?

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So, a few months back I posted saying how my skin would break out every time I come home from the city. My home is in a country area, and I have lived at school in the city for most of the time. I have now moved back for 3 weeks before I move into my own place there for the rest of the summer. Anyway, every time I have came home (last 5-7 times) my skin would become more oily and breakout. After thinking long and hard after it happened this spring, I thought milk was the suspect, since I don't have that much. But I have not had milk in almost 2 months, and I am still just as oily now as I was when I first had it.

At school my skin does not bother me much at all. I do the same regimen every day, and it was rare for me to have more than a few noticeable or bothersome active pimples (in my opinion). I was always very happy with my skin at school, compared to how it used to be. But now that I am back home yet again, my skin is oily, my chin (underneath) is breaking out as usual and I am just breaking out more in general. I can't really think of much at all that is causing this besides environment/air difference? Is there at least a chance the location back home just makes my skin react so adversely? I don't really know anything specific, but I really don't have a better idea.

I mean, my diet as far as certain meals changes a bit, and I take my oral antibiotics a bit later each day, but it's not like my eating habits and timing for medication was spot-on at school. So I am just really lost as to what else could be causing it. Does anyone else think this could be their problem too? Thankfully I think my skin will improve once I move back to the city, but it would be nice to have some insight on this possibility and other suggestions. :D

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In the country has less polution, that is good. Humidity may cause acne but dry weather isn't good either, so I really don't know if location plays a role at all.

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