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Anyone willing to try this?

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Hello. I haven't been on this site for a while because I have been busy with school and my acne is pretty mild now.

So I found out that Singulair was one of the primary reasons for my acne for a few years...it had something to do with making my allergies even worse instead of making them better.

Now it's been about four months since I've been off Singulair. The weird thing is...I have scars! I have little scars on my forehead and every new bump I get seems to leave a little tiny indent behind.

But, wait, what the hell? I always remember myself being invincible to scars. I remember being able to pop even the BIGGEST pimple and be confident that the only thing left after the scab would be hyperpigmentation. What the hell is going on?

Well, I am confident that Singulair, despite all the bad things it did for me, prevented me from scarring. It is the ONLY variable I have changed in my life, and my skin wouldn't just go from a non-scarring to scarring mode by itself.

So, would someone PLEASE try and take this medicine and see if your new bumps cause scars. I swear to god, I could do whatever the hell I wanted before and never scar. Now I'm afraid to even touch pimples for fear of scarring.

Google yields some links that discuss Singulair and scarring, so hopefully I don't come off as crazy. Seems like it is an anti-imflammatory, and it also softens scar tissues.

I'm actually considering trying it again...the side effects are more acne, worse allergies, and terrible migraines for me =(. Don't know if it's worth it.

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