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yea its gross but I did research on this, and read peoples reviews and 90% of what Ive read has been positive so I decided to try it, Im not drinking it Im jus applying it to my face after I wash it using it as a toner of sorts

I dont have alot of acne, I do get an occasional pimple but I do have discolored skin, red marks from old cystic acne that I had, uneven skin tone, huge pores, pitted acne scars and oily skin... supposedly urine therapy makes your skin look better so Im hoping at the least it helps even out my skin tone and reduce my red marks

so this morning I washed my face, then got a cotton ball and while urinating mid stream I absorbed some urine onto the cotton ball and applied it to my face

its not THAT gross, it does smell like urine of course but when its fresh it doesn't smell bad it only smells bad when left somewhere after a while

when i applied it i felt stinging sensations only in 2 spots and when I looked in the mirror two very small pimples formed...I wouldnt call them pimples but very tiny black head sized spots appeared but thats it, maybe its impurities coming up to the surface? its no big deal they are not even noticeable at all they are so tiny...after a couple of minutes the urine absorbed into my skin and the smell was gone

ok so this is the first day and ofcourse I dont see any results yet but I will keep you posted, as of right now my skin is still the same and does not look better but I heard you start seeing results after a few days so we will see

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ok its day 3 and I just want to post up what its done so far for various things

oil: when it is first applied it acts like a moisturizer and I dont want that, I have oily skin but I found out once its washed off it leaves the face really dry which is a good thing for me, it does not eliminate the oil production but it does slow it down a bit which is a good thing, so I love this effect so far even tho I wish it left me oil free longer

red marks: 3 days in and the red marks look the same so no progress

skin tone: I am still blotchy but in a weird way the over all tone looks better, does not look as dead but still isnt great so little improvement so far

pores: kinda smooths them out a little bit but they are still huge so little improvement

pitted scars: ofcourse zero result and Im not hoping it will do anything for them but i read one post somewhere some guy saw improvement on pitted acne wit urine therapy

so theres an update so far for anyone that is interested, see ya

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