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Bacne from waxing

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Recently I was an idiot and let the girls wax my back. I had minimal hair on there but thought why not.

I've never had bacne before, but a week and a half later my back is COVERED in spots, all where the wax strips were. Is it best to just leave it and hope it goes away as i'm not really prone to bacne (well not before this!)? Or should I get some form of scrub.



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Heya Robin! It's been a while since I talked to you. How's life been?

I've never waxed my back, thank goodness lol, but I'd say to just wash it like normal. Is it actually acne or just little bumps? Because I bet it's just a lot of irritation. I don't think I'd use a scrub that might just make it more irritated.

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Heya hun!

It's just red bumps, with the occasional spot, but there are hundreds of them! It's rough, i'm not sure what kind of wash to go for as before this i just used shower gel. My friend reccomended witch hazel gel so i'll give that a go.

In other news, life's good! I got the job as an art auctioneer in Miami so i'm moving stateside in July! A meet up is definitely on the cards. How you doing m'lady?

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Being a girl, I get my legs waxed from time to time and sometimes get something similar afterward for a couple of days. It sounds to me like just irritation and I would suggest just washing your back like normal without any abrasive loofas or soaps. (: It should be fine. It could also just be an allergic reaction to the wax, or whatever you used. I wouldn't worry about it, just let it be for a week and see if there are improvements.

Good luck!!

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I'm happy you got the job! That will be a fun, crazy time I'm sure in Miami. =) Aw, you are going to meet up with people from the org? That will be nice! Remember to wear sunscreen! =P

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Usually, I'll dab on a little bit of light lotion. I use--- I don't recall the name and it doesn't matter, since it's Brazilian brand, but either way, just something light and soothing that will help your back get over the irritation. (: Nothing harsh, just something for sensitive skin should be fine!

Good luck!

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Same thing for me on my chest...I got it waxed and a week later had a couple of zits/bumps on there. Just use a razor next time..leaves no rashes and gets the job done just as good imo.


, ,

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