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if anyone uses it, do you moisturise after you use it? cause i'm afraid of putting too much stuff on my face at once, so I only use it before bed and my skin gains oils during the night then i just moisturise in the morn after shower, but cause my skins so dry i'm thinking i should moisturise after i put the zineryt on as well...

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This is one of the first things I was prescribed for acne when I was 13, along with doxycycline. It's so potent it made me cry.

I stopped using it on my face pretty sharpish, but carried on using it on my back for a while...

I'd say find a nice light non-comedogenic non-acnegenic moisturiser, (there's a nice neutrogena one) that'll help to keep your skin oil free at night. Another one that helps me to stay oil free is a boots botanics sweet gale moisturiser, though it's probably not available to you if you're not in the UK.... or Garnier PureA.... I think these will help to control the oiliness on your face. I also think Clarins has some good stuff if you want something a bit more expensive...

Good luck!

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I am in the UK, what i mean by gain oil over night is it's the oils I need, my skins not oily, it actually NEEDS the oils, when i put the zineryt on it dry's out majorly and I think shit I should probably put moisturiser on aswell, I've got the perfect moisturiser from nothingnasty.com who do all the non parabens and glycerins etc...i just wanna know if it'll clog my pores up if i put moisturiser on as well as the zineryt, sorry i didnt word it well enough

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