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Skipping Step 3?

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Alright, so I just started the Regimen today and had a quick question concerning the third step, which is when you are supposed to apply Moisterizer. I bought 2/3 of the recommended over-the-counter products, the On-The-Spot Neutrogena and the Skin Bar. Since I want to apply the Regimen before I go to sleep, I was wondering if using moisterizer was really nessacary since I'm not really going out in public. Because I'm afraid by applying moisterizer over the BP, it may affect the process that the BP does by killing the acne, and if it will, I was hoping I could just not apply any moisterizer afterward, unless I'm doing the Regimen before I'm planning to go somewhere.

So would putting moisterizer on really speed up the process or would it slow it down? I was going to be using this Mary Kay moisterizer if that would work well with the other products.

Also, how many times a day am I supposed to be doing the Regimen? I was hoping I could do it when I wake up and then before I go to bed (So a 16 hour period in between).

Any help would be great, thanks!

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Yup, the other posters are right. BP can be pretty drying, especially while your skin is adjusting to it, and moisturizing helps keep your skin balanced and prevents it from getting ridiculously dry, flaky, and uncomfortable.

Just wait about ten minutes after you apply the BP to apply the moisturizer. That'll give the BP time to really absorb. And no, it won't decrease the efficacy of the BP. In fact, by preventing your skin from getting too dry and irritated, it'll actually help your skin clear up.

And The Regimen is designed to be done twice a day--once in the morning, and once at night (ideally, twelve hours apart, but it doesn't have to be exact).

Read and follow the instructions for how to do The Regimen: http://www.acne.org/regimen-instructions.html

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