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Okay, there does not seem to be a lot of people who claim to suffer from this, and it seems like only recently that I have started suffering from this illness. Actually, I am pretty sure it is not acne at all, but some other type of affliction due to me sitting on a chair all day long. To summarize, over the past few months, my once smooth butt has become very bumpy with several cyst type growths. The bumps feel like they were due ingrown hairs, but I can't be sure if that is the case. In any event, I tried so many different types acne medication to no avail. Nothing worked and the largge growths and bumps persist. Things only changed last week when I began wiping my butt with rubbing alcohol twice a day; once in the morning and once at night. I don't know how this has happened, but my butt is extremely smooth. The cyst are gone and the million little grainy bumps are also gone. As a 30 year old man, I am proud to say that my butt is as smooth as a babies.

Unfortunately, I have a lot of dark hyperpigmentation marks that are left on my butt. I am using a hydroquoinine cream to help out with tihs, but I think it will take severl months for them to fade.

I don't suffer from chest or back acne, but I wonder if using rubbing alcohol would help.

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That is where my acne actually started to appear first before it spread to my nose and then the rest of my face, but I no longer get in that area. When my mom discovered that I had acne in that area (I was around 9-10 the time it started) she got a towel and dipped it in sea salt waterl and placed it on my butt. If I remember it completely dried all the acne on my butt. :D

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There is not such thing as acne on the butt. Those are ingrown hairs

You are completely wrong.

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