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My acne is getting worst... :(

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I have moderate acne, and lately iv been breaking out really bad, so bad that I think my acne will soon become severe If I dont find the right medication. I got these huge cysts on my chin that are really red and swelled up. I dont no where they came from because I ALWAYS wash my face and keep up to date with my medicated creams prescribed from my doctor. Iv used almost every tropical gel you can think of and i used minocylin last year (had bad stomach cramps, so i had to stop). My next docter appnt is comming up soon and from all the reviews iv read about accutane I really want him to prescribe me it. My mom doesnt want me to though because she thinks the side effects are gonna be bad. Ugh... I dont no what to do I hate acne my prom is in 1 month and I wanna remove some of my acne by then.

Can anyone tell me if accutane really does have bad side effects? Do you think I should use it or continue with my creams?

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welll first talk to ur doctor and see what he says...accutane has side effectes like every other drug but it all depends ppl react differently to everything,from my personal experiance i've been on accutane for almost 3 months and my inflamed acne are gone but im left with red marks now which will fade in time,accutane takes time soo if u started using it now for instance ur face could even get worse coz it gets worse b4 it gets better at the start....goodluck hope u find the right solution

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