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I am getting Married! About to start Ortho Tri!?

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Hello Party People,

I am getting married in a little under a month. I have been doing everything in my power to stay clear through the stress of planning and such. I have light to moderate acne. Most Recently I've been having Cysts if I've researched correctly (big red "UNDERGROUND" bumps that never come to a head) I plan to start taking Ortho Tricycline very soon as my choice of birth control/possible acne control. I am wondering from others experiences if maybe it would be better for me to wait to start after the wedding, so that I am not broken out from the BCP or if I will be okay starting before the wedding.

It's really important to me not to have a bad breakout on or near my wedding date (DUH!)

I am curious to find out what people's experiences where during their very FIRST pack of Ortho TriCycline pills. If it takes 3 months for my body to adjust I'd rather wait. But if lots of people had no breakouts because of it, I'd like to know. Or if you just stayed exactly the same.

P.S. if anybody has any recommendations for dealing with these cysts that would be great too. I'm kinda clueless because I never used to get these before.

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Almost every time I've started any birth control pill (Ortho Tri-Cyclin included), I've felt really sick for the first week or two, and then broken out on an off for the first few months before clearing up. If you don't want to risk it, I'd suggest waiting until after the wedding to start.

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Ortho tri cyclen was terrible for my daughter' acne. She went on Accutane because it got so bad - and then it got really bad!

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