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Please help, need to diagnose what this skin defect is!

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Hey guys,

I had a crystal-like formation in my forehead. Very small, but embedded in my skin. It came out effortlessly as if it were simply a piece of lint caught on my skin. But when it came out it left a gaping hole in my forehead. It was a small hole but nonetheless it's ugly and disfiguring. There was no blood and it looks as if this crystal-like formation was embedded in my skin.

Any idea on what it is? Will the hole close? It doesn't look at bas as it did on day 1 - it's been 2 days since then. I'm really stressed out now...I feel like my face is simply falling apart...

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the thing is, from looking at it you'd think it was a scar though....

all that happened was there was sort of like a white 'blackhead' - meaning, it was a formation in the skin that was white/flaky rather than a blackhead. it was like a tiny white crystal or something. sorry for this bad description, its hard to sum it up. anyways, it came out like nothing. no struggle or tension. no blood. this area was scar free - it's my forehead. and not the hole is there. i know pores get clogged up and all that but this was weird.

anyways, i just wana know if it's possible that this could close on its own if there was no blood? its so depressing><

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