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Using BPO for years and still red

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Hi there,

I have been using BPO for years. Now I am 21 and at the age of 14 I used BPO for the first time. Back then it was about 5% and it worked marvellously well. I did not have any clue about not irritating the skin. I just used ANY cleanser and ANY moisturizer. But then after a few months, my face began to turn red. After some years of using BPO in even lesser concentrations (but I think only once per week (more would turn my face red)) I got to know about the regimen. Now i have been trying for a year to get my skin to get used to BPO 2,5%. But i still cannot use it more than 2-3 times (daily once) per week without my face getting really red. I also can barely amp the amount of BPO up without irritations.

My regimen:

Washing face VERY gentle with a MILD cleanser (made exclusively for irritated skin from acne treatment)

waiting for 5-10 minutes

apply the BPO VERY gently (as much as shown for beginners on the regimen page)

wait for 5-10 minutes again

Applying a very mild cleanser (made exclusively for irritated skin from acne treatment).

I tried to use jojoba oil, but I experienced myself more braking out.

What should I do? Shall i apply the moisturizer first? Shall I try to fight fire with fire and just try to go through hell the next week and use the BPO daily?

If you find a lot of mistakes please forgive me. I am from Germany and haven't spoken English for quite some time (although I have been to the U.S. (Topeka) for an exchange program with a field trip (through yellowstone and some very cool national parks.). And, by the way, I had my first dance with a girl in the U.S. as well. I also met some cool guys there.

Greetz from Germany,


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It sounds like you definitely have sensitive skin. Have you tried Dan's regimen products? They were specifically made for the Regimen and many people do very well with them.

And you didn't think jojoba oil helped any?

You could try applying your moisturizer first and see how that goes. Some people can do this, but others need to apply the bp first for best results. It may be worth a try for you though.

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Can you even apply the bp after moisturizer effectively? I mean wouldn't the skin just dry it self out after the bp is applied? I started using this spectra gel cleanser cause I ran out of the regimen cleanser and my skin is even drier then before but I have always had issues with my face being red until I took Zinc that helped some and now it still gets pretty red, but if I stop I'm afraid I'll break out, could a different moisturizer maybe help the OP and myself?

When i first started the regimen I noticed it was the moisturizer that started to make my face tingle and sting a bit and seemingly created the redness also.

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thanks for your answers. Unfortunately, I am not able to use Dan's products because they don't ship to Germany. But that's life...

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