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Electric Shaving Tips For Acne Prone Skin?

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Alright, so I have an electric shaver, and have acne prone skin. I cant use regular razors, they irritate my skin too much. So are there any tips when using an electric razor with acne skin? I only get like peach fuzz and minor black hairs on my upper lip..so I dont really have to get a close shave.

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Electric razors dry out the skin way too much and isn't really beneficial for acne prone skin.

I know you said razors irritate your skin - it does for everyone, including me. However it becomes alot less irritated if you do a couple of things.

I shave everyday

I shave at night - i know that sounds silly but that way i can whack on the moisterizer before i sleep and also my skin's a little irritated before i sleep and not before i start the day

I shave in the shower after my skins a little supple with lathered cleanser.

It's what i recomend.

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yeah basically the same thing the previous bruh said. i dont really shave i grow a beard out now. but just use common sense, make sure your not dry shavin...if you only have peach fuzz you shouldnt even be usin electric shaver just yet, so stick with the traditional razor, and just dont rush it..go gentle around pimple infected areas

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