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First I give all thanks and glory to God for helping me battle this acne prob. Before I went to the DERM i prayed that she/he would know what they were doing.

I am 20 years old and at 18 i started breaking out on my upper lip, chin, forhead, jawline, and my back!!!I was in shock! And ;the worst thing is I broke out in zits on my upper lip i was depressed, i used madd make up, the wrong make up on top of that and broke out even more!! ANyway at 19 i couldnt take it anymore,I had reached the edge.I was percsribed TAZ and Duac. Duac .05 cream in am and taz .o5 cream pm.

I broke OUT the first week and was sooo upset but I knew I had to be paitent. I mean I had 3 zits at once with pus on my upper lip!!Like 10 little bumps and 2 pink pink pimples on my chin!! Me wanted to cry!! And my back was full of red pimples,but my forehead cleared in like 4 days of use of the treatment. I didnt give up and continued the medication.

It is now my 2nd week of using this combo and ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS GOD IS GREAT AND MY DERM IS THE BEST ONE OUT THERE! I have i pink bump on my upper lip but that is drying out , my jawline is clear, my chin is reducing by day i have like 4 or 5 little bumps, scares are dissapearing, and my back is slowly but surley clearing up, since it is tough skin i know it will take time but I do see improvements AND IT'S ONLY BEEN 2 WEEKS!

YES MY SKIN PEELED A LITTLE, AND YES IT DID BURN, AND YES IT DID LOOK A LITTLE RED, but becuase I used the right cream all of that went away as soon as i put on the cream. I also used a great soap bar. The red was slightly visiable, and the bruning was bearable. Nothing in life is easy. Just know that there is a cure. The most important thing I did, and am still doing is thanking God for clear skin becuase I have faith that I will have clear skin. I feel so fortunate becuase it has been a short amount of time and God is already helping me get cured,he didnt have to do that but thats why he is the best thing in life. God bless you all and plz feel free to share your experiences with me. Dont lose faith, this is just a battle we have been choosen to fight and with the right mind set we can over come this, no matter how long it takes. Be bless all.

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I really don't want to kill your hope.

I'm glad things are working

but when i used retinoids i break out pretty bad initially and then things start to clear up and then week 3 i break out the worst ever ever ever (thats whats happen right now on isotrex been on differin and retin a) so maybe your not out of the woods yet.

basically be happy that you've seen effects and irritation and break out and improvement these all mean what your using is probably working but you might have a few break outs to come

retinoids are great though but then take time

in about 6 weeks you will have a good idea about how well they have worked.

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Thanks so much for the heads up! I will prepare myself with alot of non cloggin make-up when and if that occurs! lol But so far so good, this combo is awesome and so far i can conclude that it is cleaning up whats underneath my skin!! yikes! But I have notice that the DUAC really helps inflamation. I wish you you the best and pray that you are cured! God bless.

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