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Why did acne come to me now?

Hi everyonee i'm new heree!

i'm just gonna start by sayingg how it all startedd.

It was about a year ago now; I was completely unhealthy, overweight according to my BMI, never went to the gym, barely ever went out and mostly sat on my computer all day apart from when i went to school. I NEVER GOT ACNE ONCE.

It is just a complete mystery to me today. I had hair all in my face all the time, so i'm sure of it's naturals oils leaking all over my face nearly 24/7 and i can't say my clothes ever got washed that often. I never shaved either.

Yes i admit it, i was disgusting.

To this present day i'm 17 now. I have lost 3 stone since then and am just above underweight according to my BMI results. I go to the gym 2-3 times a week and exercise daily. I'm the healthiest person out of all my friends. I never drink fizzy drinks, never eat sweets or chocolate, strict pescetarian (the fish is extra protein for body building). Also i am literally addicted to salads.

I use simple moisturizer twice everyday on my skin (once in the morning, once at night).

Never use any kind of commercial acne product ever since i come to the realisation that they never worked.

I drink about 250cls of water every day, eat every kind of vegetable and get about 10-15 minutes of sun everyday (when its actually out of course).

Many say i've gone from one extreme to another extremely quickly.

I never have any kind of harsh chemicals in my diet; nor do i on my skin.

So, after all of this, I HAVE ACNE and it never leaves. It has never calmed down and the weird thing is.


my forehead is completely smothered in them, my chin has about 5 blotchy ones, inbetween my eyebrows just above my nose, around where i shaved my moustache off anndd they regularly keep appearing in whiteheads and then just going back down. Its sort of like whack-a-mole. Only 10x more irritating. I never get any on my cheeks though, thats like a no landing zone for them.

I can't use any kind of product esspecially for it because my skin is more sensitive than a peach.

Is there something i'm doing wrong?

Was being unhealthy giving me clear visible skin?

I don't understandd!! :|

please helpp if you cann. Thannkyouu!

P.S; sorry for the eppicc essayy ;/ xo

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oo well, its like no white heads or bumps, there just tiny red blotches, they never actually form into anything on my forehead ;/

i use shampoo on my foreheadd then? ;o


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How have the following things changed since when you didn't have acne?

a) hours of sleep?

b) quality of sleep?

c) regularity of sleep? (going to bed at same time)

d) amount of high-fructose fruit consumption? (apples, pears, etc.)

e) amount of fructose-containing salad dressing?

f) amount of tryptophan in diet? (mostly meat sources)

g) amount of zinc in diet? (mostly comes from red meat for most people)

10-15 minutes of sun is probably irrelevant for both Vitamin D production

and melatonin suppression, unless it's summer where you're at and you're

getting that brief exposure when the sun is close to directly overhead.

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i am definitely getting a lot more sleep than before. I go to bed at half 8 at night, however i get up at half 5 3 days a week (course is only 3 days).

Quality of sleep is a lot better, have a different bed from before.

I dont suppose i have a good sleep routine tbh ;/

i have a lot more fruit than i ever did before. Also my mom incists i have dressing on my salad, even though i heard it was better for your skin not to have any.

and i only eat white meat i.e. chicken for the protein.

anything wrongg? ;/

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Apart from dairy, I believe the key mechanism of acne is a failure to have a long, large surge of nightly melatonin that stimulates cells to produce zinc superoxide dismutase. Since fructose malabsorption may interfere with absorption of both tryptophan (needed to make melatonin) and zinc (needed to make zinc SOD), switching to a diet with lots of high-fructose fruit may worsen acne. This simple model easily explains how people can worsen acne by switching to a "healthier" diet. What is good for some aspect of health may be no good at all for someone suffering from a particular disease, like acne.

The current research on fructose malabsorption suggests that it is the number of fructose molecules in excess of glucose molecules that matters, since there appears to be an efficient transport mechanism to take glucose and fructose through the gut lining together. Thus, a large apple that typically has a very high fructose/glucose ratio has roughly the same amount of sugar as a 12oz can of Coke, but is plausibly worse for acne. Although fizzy drinks are commonly sweetened with something called "high-fructose corn syrup", people often make the mistake of imagining there aren't much worse ratios of fructose/glucose in "natural" foods (hard to describe foods as "natural" that have bred for marketability factors for a hundred years), or that you can't easily get more fructose from eating a few pieces of fruit than from drinking a (very) large Coke. We probably did not evolve to eat lots of fruit year-round, or fruit that has been relentlessly bred to make it as sweet as possible.

You may have also decreased the total amount of tryptophan/zinc you're getting by switching your meat to sources current fads sell as healthier than red meat. If your salad dressing has lots of fructose to sweeten it, that's another source of increased fructose that may be doing you no good. It's really, really easy to give up "refined sugars" and increase the total amount of sugar you're eating at the same time; the bacteria in your gut goes even more nuts over some incoming apple juice (crammed with fructose) than over a Coke (typically only 55/45 fructose/glucose ratio). :D

It's unfortunately not practical to measure your nightly melatonin curve (unless your folks run a sleep lab). It's easy to destroy a normal melatonin surge by having evening caffeine, having even small amounts of artificial light leak into the bedroom, going to bed at different times on different nights, getting up in the night and turning on a light, trying to sleep past when sunlight has started to leak into the room, or just being upset about something and tossing and turning all night. My rule of thumb is that if you're not dead sleepy at bed time, don't sleep for >8 hours, don't wake up with no alarm clock, don't wake up feeling pretty darn alert and good, then probably there wasn't a normal melatonin cycle.

You could try eliminating any dairy sources and substituting high-fructose food items (e.g., apples, pears) with foods that have lower fructose/glucose ratios (e.g., strawberries, blueberries) and avoiding insane amounts of fructose, such as can be had by drinking a tall glass of orange juice instead of just eating an orange. You could also try eating your meats first (tryptophan/zinc source) and giving them a head start to your intestines before eating fructose sources.

You have just read wacky advice from the Internet; keep that in mind. :D

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hidden thingz dat can cause acne

r carbon monoxide from any source as fireplace, smoking etc

vegetable oil

consumption of water with heavy metalz

sleep pattern

high GI food in the especially in the morning but it could be any time of the day

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