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I have a few pimples that broke out on my neck, so the other day I decided I would put some benzoyl peroxide on them, nothing near as much as my face.

And now, the spot where I put the benzoyl peroxide on my neck is like peeling. Its excessively flaky and it burns. It's been a few days, but it's still flaky and like red like a sun burn. I haven't been washing the area or anything, but just putting lotion on it.

Could I be allergic to benzoyl peroxide on my neck and not my face? Because my skin is like peeling like a sun burn on my neck.

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oh i had the same problem before. All i did was stop putting benzoyl peroxide on my neck and just moisturized it. I mean i still get the ocassional breakout there (tiny ones) but i would rather have them than a sunburned flaky neck. Sorry this response might not help at all, but thats my experience.

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I am treating my whole upper body with BP.

And i made the experience that neck and chest are way more sensitive than the face!

They get very easiliy red and flaky and start to peel.

I also stopped then BP for some days to let the skin recover. Jojoba-oil and Moisterizer only on these areas. And after some days i began slowly with BP again.

Now (after 2 months) i can use BP twice daily. Neck and chest arent red or flaky any more. My skin feels normal.

First weeks will not be easy, even if you start with very small amount of bp for your neck. Skin needs time to adapt and will surely show redness and flakiness more than one time.

But it is worth to stay with it. After some weeks your neck skin will adapt to bp.

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