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I will remain away from my subtitle. that's one thing that pisses me off about acne.org. although i do love this site for its huge forum of empathetic users and helpful tips, i cannot stand all of you out there with mild-no acne that sign up here and amount one or two pimples into a lachrymose situation. "I NEED HELP QUICK" is the frequent subtitle.

off of the rant now. i really do have a serious question, and it's in lower case! yay!

i came to this new post in hopes of finding real, meaningful help from someone in my situation. here it is:

I am a 17 year old male, got that? I have moderate-severe acne. (i actually dont know how to rate my acne considering people with two pimples qualifies for moderate acne????) anyway my acne is the usual case. it covers/ed my whole face, red marks, scars, huge whiteheads, cysts every now and then. but accutane has helped that a little so far. and that leads into my next case. i have now been on accutane twice. anyone else matching these so far? well now i am on day 53.

and i would like advice from smart people who also are very active (work out, have jobs, extracurriculars, sports, intense class load [AP and honors]) because that basically sums up who i am. and someone who has a hectic family.

my question is: how do i cope with a hectic family whilst on accutane? especially a bitchy mother whom seem to gets her period every weekend?

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What is the problem that you are facing and can you just sit them down and tell them how you feel?

i dont want to go into too much of deep details considering this is over the internet, but here i go.

i have already been on accutane once before [see above], and my parents disregarded that, especially my mom, and continued to fight with me verbally, and it just aggravated me. same thing is happening now with my second treatment.

i'm sure you have heard of "bitches," haven't you mewantcooki14? there are such things as dysfunctional families.

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Hmm, I remember being a teenager. I'm so thankful my parents put up with me, 'cause "bitch" don't even begin to describe how I acted back then!

Have you noticed your mom irritating you more while you are taking Accutane? I have heard that in addition to depression, Accutane can cause mood swings and irritability.

My best advice would be to try to steer clear of your mom and act in a reasonable way toward her. Don't give her excuses to get on your case. Good luck!

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