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So I was at the 1 month mark, and man things were looking great. I was very foolish and so confident I had control my acne and my skin, that I decided one day to 'cleanse' with some bullshit Clean and Clear exfoliating scrub...ugh what a bad idea. Two days later I broke out SO bad, all over my hairline leading down to my beard. Well since then, my skin hasn't gotten much better. =/

This was my skin at the one month mark...


SO DAMN clear, it drives me crazy, can't believe I messed my skin up :[

My forehead was almost 100% clear, but right now my forehead is FULL of bumps and I don't know why or what they're from, or frankly what they are. They might even be folliculitus. I just don't know anymore. If someone could try and help me judge what it is, I'll take a picture. :X

So now I'm about 3 weeks from that bad breakout and I haven't been following the regimen correclty AT ALL. I decided to get back onto this Sunday but I just can't bring myself to do the regimen in the morning. I hate how it makes my skin look for the rest of the day. I decided to stop using the regimen AGAIN for the past two days and I've been applying cucumber slices to my face at random parts of the day, just once a day though. I know it's helping in someway, 'cause it's natural, so I'm wondering...

Do you think if I only do the regimen at night and only cleanse in the morning, that applying cucumber slices to my skin after I cleanse would be a good idea, or would it be bad since I'm using BP at night?

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In my experience the Regimen can be done only at night and still have decent results. The two things that I noticed about it though:

1. It takes longer to get clear when doing only once a day

2. It is more effective if you are clear by using it twice daily, and then switching to once daily.

I'm not really sure about the cucumber slices, but I know that I was on the Regimen for a three month period and then switched down to once a day with no change at all in results.

The biggest thing that I want to stress is how important it is to be patient. I know that it's easier said that done, but it's key when doing the Regimen. The way I look at it is, I'll take a few weeks of bad skin to be clear for the months (maybe years if you stick with it) that I'll be clear. For example, I started using AHA on some of my clogged pore areas and I went from very clear to breaking out like crazy. I really wanted to just stop and discontinue use, but I stuck with it. I'm clearing once again now, and I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that I'm out of the water with the breakouts.

Good luck with whatever you choose!

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