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Hi everyone.

I've been on Dan's regimen for the past 5 months and let me tell you, it has completely changed my life.

Never before have I used a skincare system that has been this consistent and reliable.

I don't see enough threads here of people posting their success stories so I have signed up today to share my story with those who are thinking about starting the regimen or those who are not experiencing the kinds of results they want to.

First of all, I use all of Dan's products except for the Jojoba Oil. The AHA+ has taken care of all flakiness for me so I never found the need to experiment with it.

When it comes to skincare, I have tried EVERYTHING from proactiv to obagi. i was on paula's choice before, which gave me great results but didn't really prevent my acne from forming and i wanted something more consistent.

One thing I do find effective is using a toner before I apply the BP. I use it with a cotton swab.

I've noticed that some people have found that since Dan tweaked the formulation of the BP, their skin just doesn't respond to it the same way. I honestly don't have an answer for that b/c I've never used the old formula, but I would assume that you're either 1) allergic to the new ingredient or 2) experiencing changes in your skin in general, and the new formula perhaps triggered that change to occur? just my two cents' worth...

one thing i DO want to stress though, is the importance of moisturizing your skin. skin hydration is crucial to battling acne. i really can't stress this enough...i currently use dan's moisturizer and when i need a little extra something, i use anything that doesn't have oil in it. i know a lot of users here use cetaphil but for some reason, the lotion makes me break out mildly. the cleanser is amazing though.

i am obsessed with having clear skin. i used to get so stressed out over my breakouts which were SEVERE. it looked like i had chicken pox (i swear i'm not exaggerating), but now people regularly comment on how great my skin looks, and ask me what i use. nobody believes that i used to have a serious acne problem. funny thing is, right when i gave up, my skin started to improve drastically. of course the regimen had a lot to do with that but i think it's also important not to forget that fretting over your problem will not change anything and possibly even exacerbate it. again, i know this is easy said not done..

i just want to thank dan, everyone at acne.org, and definitely last but not least the wonderful users here who are so open to sharing their stories, which definitely gave me the courage to make the switch to dan's products and keep me motivated to stick with it and be patient.


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