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Trying the Do-nothing/no washing regimen Log

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Well, like most people i know with acne, i first started to get spots when i was 14. I care quite a lot about how i look, and so like most people, i went straight for the otc product that i thought would be most effective. Eversince, they have only ever got worse, until when i ran out of an oil-free moisturiser i was using and a face scrub.

I started using a spare one lying around the house. The wash was much gentler, the moisturiser stronger. And amazingly my acne began to look slightly clearer-

still far from perfect.

Well to summarise- i think we all overuse products, overwash etc. So here is my log of the do nothing regime.

My skin now: 3 or 4 red spots on my right cheek, 1 on my left (pastules i think)

Generally very poor skin tone. Numerous flesh coloured spots under the surface of the skin. Always feels tight after washing, no matter what i use, normally apply jojoba oil on after washing.

The regime: at least 10 days without any washing at all, however after sport (i play squash which makes me drip sweat) i will wash it off for 5 secs in the shower.

Will keep a log on this. Grateful to hear from anyone who has done this before, would like to try this as well.

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Day 2- 24 hours since

To be honest i am quite surprised- i always thought not washing would break me out within 24 hours, so am pleansantly surprised- all spots healing, and no new ones forming, other than a small white head on left cheek.

General skin tone is buch better

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