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so u get apc and mix it with water and then put that all over ur red marks yea once a day,is that how it works?

half acv,half water...use it as a toner,so I just squirt it on a cotton ball and wipe it all over my face.I waited like,a month after accutane before using it though. Skin on tane is very sensitive. You might want to dilluted it even more with water depending on how your skin handles it.

Hey I'm on tane too and still have a few months to go... However, as you, almost no pimples but bloody red marks that kill me! I've tried using Retin-A suuuuupeeeeeeer bad idea! Dont do it! Ur face hurts like hell after and it becomes super sensitive.

I've been using ACV dilluted with water (1 part ACV and 4 parts water) cause accutane makes our skin so damn sensitive. Also, I've been reading here that Vitamin C reaaally helps fading red marks. Try beginning with 1000mg per day. And after 3 weeks increase to 1500mg, 3 other weeks and 2000mg. U can check out the reviews on here, it looks promising. U can also do carrot juice 3-4 times per week (mix it with orange juice if u cant stomach it alone). I've heard it really helps fade away the red marks (Ive started today doing it). I went on Sephora's website and there's a product called Turbo Booster C Powder (Philosophy): very good reviews and there's a looot of ppl that say that it faded their acne scars. I'm gonna go buy it this weekend and I'll update about it on my blog if u wanna check. I would really recommend u to never ever go out without sunscreen cause then ur red marks wont fade and will turn purply-brown

well hope it helps u and wish u best of lucks!

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