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Need HELP with red marks and scars

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I have had these annoying red marks and acne scars for more than 6 months, what works best to get rid of these annoying red marks and what is a good sunscreen to use?






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Guest missyjean130

Well sorry to say,but you'll have them for many more months too.

To speed up the process everyone here basically relies on different methods.....a popular and very cheap one that I am currently using with great success is the apple cider vinegar (acv) method.Half of acv into half water and used as a toner. It exfoliates really well and something about it other than exfoliating helps too I'm sure....because I've had tons of chemical peels done years ago and they weren't nearly as effective as this acv stuff!

I use avalon organics vitality serum too...vitamin c heals and I think it whitens the skin too...so it gets rid of red marks too.

retinoids (like differin and retin-a),chemical peels,microdermabrasions,lasers,oil (emu,jojoba, vitamin e oil,olive oil) are other options.

As a sunscreen I'd find one that uses zinc in it and no chemicals.zinc helps heal the skin too...so it has double benfits. you need to start researching ingredients too,look on zerozits.com for a list of rated ingredients based on how pore clogging they may be.

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