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Most people do not check out "ALL" of the side effects"! And they do not check out what the outer shell is made of.

1)Propylene Glycol-systematic name propane clear liquid used in antifreeze & deicing solutions

2)Strong Ammonia Solution-explosive compounds that are sensitive to pressure

3)Black Iron Oxide-used in make-up and ceramic glazing

4)Titanium Dioxide-used in make-up very fine particles, are dangerous. Warning it may be dangerous for our bodies, also used in paint, food, drugs & cosmetics. Ultrafine or nano particles dangerous

5)FD&C Red #3 food coloring-symthetic preservation& artigical coloring agents as aggravation ADD & ADHD symptons. Test shows when taken off this product academic & disciptionary problems decrease

6)Sodium Lauryl Sulfate-poison-cleaner

7)Gelation-collagen inside animals & bones with dilute acid, also extracted from fish skins

8)Red Iron Oxide-ore of iron used also in ceramic materials

9)Shellac-is a resin secreted by the female lac bug to form a cocoon on trees in the forest of India & Thailand. Processed & sold as dry

10)Dehydrated Alcohol-ethanol for pharmaceutical use

11)Isopropyl Alcohol-is produced by combing water & propane

12)Butyl Alcohol-solvent for paints, resins & other coatings it is a compont of hydraulic brake fluids

13)D&C Red #33-alba fushsined

14)FD&C #6-Sunset yellow-is a colourant that is added to food, can give a allergic reaction. It is a synthetic coal tar & AZO yellow dye. Can cause gastric upset, vomiting, nettle rash (urticaria) & swelling of the skin (angioedema) also has been linked to hyperactivity in young children. Repeated calls for the total withdrawal of Sunset Yellow from food use.

Expect to be taken off shelves by 2008-2010 products containing FD&C yellow #6

Now if you still want to take Minocycline be warned. The information was taken from the Official web site FDA. Minocycline 100mg rx#696

Mom On A Mission

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I was on minocycline 100mg daily for 7 months which ended June of 2008. I had blood work which confirmed I had high levels of Candida (more than double the normal range - under .9 mine was 1.9)

I'm now on antifungals and a Candida diet for the next 6 months to combat the overgrowth of yeast. I'm 5 weeks in and my skin is 85% clear - even after 7 months of minocycline I was not this clear!

I also developed Melasma - hyper-pigmentation on my face directly linked to Minocycline - 5 months into taking the minocycline. (That's one of side effects.)

Minocycline is an antibiotic which not only kills the bad bacteria, but also the good which can cause an overgrowth of Candida. FYI - I never suffered from yeast infections so I had no idea my Candida levels were high in my blood stream. My doctor has prescribed me to take natural antifungals such as: garlic, caprylic acid, aloe, etc along with the no sugar diet, yeast free diet. I'm sure I would have been able to clear my acne with a sugar free, yeast free diet and the natural antifungals had I known. It's a HARD diet to follow.

Just be careful - if you do take antibiotics try to supplement with a good probotic after treatment and don't remain on it too long.

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Just be careful - if you do take antibiotics try to supplement with a good probotic after treatment and don't remain on it too long.

I am just finishing my first month of minocycline and my only side effect thus far is nausea. My derm is going to wean me off when i'm done with my first month which is a week away. I'm guessing she will prescribe me a lower dosage. I am trying to eat a lot of yogurt as suggested on these forums for the live cultures provided. I also use Green Vibrance it's a powder probiotic, i'm really hoping that this will be enough to combat the growth of candida.

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The packaging, instructions and even your dermo reccomonds(if their doing their job), that mino isn't suited for women due to the tendcy for these exact coomplications(occuring in 50-70% of women while around 20% of men on prolonged comsumption).

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