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not sure if i should go back and see a dermatologist

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i am 21, and i've had acne for 14 years, these last two years have been my worst, i have gotten two cysts on either side of cheek, i get whiteheads constantly, like everyday i wakeup and its above my upper lip and chin area, i have blackheads, discoloration. i am just tried of it all. i remember saying to myself three years ago, wow my face seems like its clearing up, i think its going to go away for good, bam next year rolls around and its at its worst. i just don't know if i wanna go through medications again, and creams that seem to prolong discoloration such as bp. As of now, i am just washing my face at night/morning and using witch hazel. oh yah, i am also taking zinc 100 mgs, hoping that it'll work...is anyone taking zinc to see if it clears up there acne, and has it?

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I think it sounds like you need to be doing more, hoping that things will get better without actually seeing any results is not a good situation to be in. I would go to the derm but make a list of all the treatments you have used so he/she will know what is best for you. Good luck.

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I completely understand where you are coming from--I'm in the same boat. I've struggled with acne for countless years, tried everything under the sun, including Dan's regimen (which made my acne 3 times as worse due to the BP) and I've finally just given up on doing it by myself. It feels almost embarrasing for me to admit that I cannot control my acne but I'm finally ready to do it. I'm currently looking for a dermatologist

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