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age 50 and acne

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I started developing acne at age 25 and still have it at age 50. I use Retin-A daily to keep it under control. I had some luck with proactiv but got tired of the shipment issues. Lately everything breaks me out and I tried a cleanser with salycilic (SP?) acid in it and that was a mistake. I'm still trying to recover from the reaction. I get really bad knots along my jawline. Any suggestions...my complexion looks like a teenager with acne.

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Hello - sorry to hear of your long battle. I am 39 y/o and am pretty sure I'm a lifer too!

My acne is all hormonal also around my chin jaw area. I keep it under control by taking

Spironolactone which is typically used to treat high blood pressure but it also highly successful in treating hormonal acne in females due to it's anti androgen properties.

If you are female you should speak with your Derm about it. It's helped many women with acne where other things have failed.

Best of luck to you!

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My jawline cysts turned out to be an allergic reaction to citrus. You might try avoiding different common allergens to see if any affect you. The most common are dairy and gluten.

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