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My regime(or lack there of)

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Well my regime is this; 1 100mg Minocin in the morning, Duac at night(sudocrem if i get a sore one).

Now that makes out like i've barely any acne and only the typical pimples we all get, I assure you it's not the case. I had sever and aggressive cystic acne at 13 but controlled it until about last november when it flared up again. I then decided to go back on medications and none of the tetras worked so i visted a dermo and went on Minocin, i'm now about 90% clear and just waiting for those annoying small red marks to fully fade(luckily i've avoided any scarring). The thing is i've never really gone all out against my acne, i mean some peoples logs here is half a page long and contain a mixture of very powerful chemicals and retnoids(BP+Duac+Differin+Sayl wash+ etc etc). I personally can't see how those level of medicating can help, your skin is alive and like any organ it functions on basic principles. If you remove the need for the body to produce certain enzymes and the skins natural ability to fight infection (your t-cell) and like many people here suddenly stop their regime without a period of slow reduction, than how much more damage are you doing?

I know it sucks waiting for it to clear up by itself or by waiting for prescribed medicatrion to work but in the end by adding these other products, and layering them on top of eachother you can do serious harm. Your epidermis layer of skin can become extremely thin due to the use of these products in the amounts i'm seeing people use them and i'm certain it will result in problems later in life. I just hope that if your new to fighting acne you give each item a chance to succeed, or fail instead of grabbing everything and throwing it all at it. Speaking from experience it's not nice, try walking around like a tomatoe for a week:P If you have any questions feel free to ask, sadly I've experienced all but tane as i refuse to ever touch it. I'm 90% clear without regrets and i'd like to help others achieve the same, for advice or even moral support i'm willing to lend some help:D.



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