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Banish that peely pout!

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Ok so I'm on Isotretinoin...accutane...whatever you like to call it and I'm officially FED UP of people looking at my mouth saying 'Oooh aren't your lips sore ' and 'do you have some sort of virus?' and I know which sort they're referring to! And no its not!! So I'm trying lots of different methods to try and beat the peely pout that accutane leaves us with!

Ok so I seem to have purchased just about every lipbalm known to man and I have found two clear winners:

Nivea repair and protection lipbalm stick...its lovely and silky and seems to stay on longer than most

Cherry chapstick...purely because its red and seems to cover the red patches I now have on my pout due to the unsightly dry patches and its tastes yum!

I've also started holding a warm face cloth over my mouth whilst in the shower and gently exfoliating my pout which seems to really help. I then slap on lots of nivea lipbalm when I get out the shower to ensure they don't break.

If anyone has found any other ways that help the horribly peely mouth side effects of accuntane I'd be very grateful!

Equally if people can let me know things that don't work..so I can avoid!

Big love xxx

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Hey.........my top tips are to drink lots and lots of water each day.

Also, I got some Aquaphor from eBay since it's not available in the UK.

It is a god-send, it never leaves my side, I carry it everywhere.

It stays on around 4 or 5 times longer than vaseline and does a much better job.

I got a 50g tube but I'm gonna order more - I make sure to smother lots on before bed.

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yes deff get aquaphor, that's what has worked best for me..and people can be so annoying, first of all it's NONE of their business why your lips are red and second of all I dont understand what makes ppl think it's okay to bring it up...I never used to ask questions or make comments about other peoples complexions..just flat out annoying lol

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I know! I really don't now why people feel it necessary to say...ouch your mouth looks sore you should stop picking it, I'M NOT, ITS JUST LIKE THAT!! Ok so I'll calm down. I have my derm meeting tomorrow so I'll hopefully be getting my dosage upped and things will hopefully improve even more. And thanks for the advice...I'll get on the'bay and order some of that stuff! :) xx

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