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Bridesmaid: Some advice please?

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Hiya folks, just looking for some advice or suggestions.

I'm going to be a bridesmaid at my cousin's wedding in a couple of weeks, which I think is lovely. However I'm really worried about my skin; I know all the attention should be on her (the Bride) but I don't want to be an embarassment.

She's chosen a gold strapless dress (for the bridesmaids) and i'm really concerned about my shoulders etc being seen. I'm very pale so the red marks from spots stand out quite obviously. Can anyone suggest any way of making spots look better? I doubt no matter what I do, treatment-wise, my back will be clear in two week so I will probably have to cover-up. Even if only for one day, I wouldn't mind if my skin flared up a bit after; I can hide it easier in ordinary clothes.

My face isn't great, but at least i'll be wearing makeup. Is there anyway I can make my face makeup stay on? If i'm going to have to be photos I don't want to look a state as the day progresses.

Sorry to seem so vain.

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I'm not sure if this would work but maybe something like a mystic tan? It's one of those fake tans you get at a tanning salon and is sprayed on by a machine. Makeup would work but I don't think it's very practical because it would most likely rub of on stuff

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The Mystic tan is a great idea; you could do a few in a row to get a good color. Be sure you exfoliate VERY carefully and very well prior to the first spray tan or you'll end up streaky. Moisturize the knees and elbows and feet a tiny bit to keep them from absorbing a disproportionate amount of color. Moisturize all over for a while after the spray tan to keep the color; and no exfoliation. :)

I like the Sally Hansen Airbrush Sun, after tanning spray. It has a miniscule amount of shimmer in it that would match your dress (if the bride doesn't object).

I did not break out from the Mystic Tan.

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There's stuff called Dermablend that is supposed to be a great for covering up. I was a bridesmaid in my sister's wedding and I thought about using it to cover my tattoos. I ended up making a skin colored top to go under the dress. It was just backless though.

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