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max266's Accutane Log

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Hey everyone, I'm kinda new to the forums and just got prescribed Accutane so I thought I'd share my experiences just as many of you do. I probably won't post every day, but I'll try to update at least once a week.

Okay a little background information: My name is Max, I'm a college student in northern Arizona and I'm 18 (almost 19) years old. In the past I've tried tetracycline and topical treatments such as Retin-A, however never achieved the results I wanted. A couple years later I finally was fed up and was off the to the dermatologist one more time. She was convinced that I was great candidate to be on Accutane. I have moderately bad cystic acne on my neck and back, as well as pimples all around my face.

She started me off with a dosage of 40mg of Amnesteem every day for the first month. I have my next consultation in a few weeks. This is my 4th day on Accutane and I'm not experiencing many side-effects. My lips are dry, I felt like I had sunburn one night, and a couple minor headaches but nothing big.

I did have a couple questions for you guys:

- What are good vitamins to take while on Accutane? Are they necessary? I've tried to research but I can't seem to get a real clear answer.

- What is a good body wash to use just regularly in the shower? Is something as simple as Dove bar soap okay?

Thanks for reading & good luck to everyone!

My skin before any treatment:







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Hey man, I just started a little over a month ago, I hope I can offer some helpful advice:

- Drink a ton of water. I can't stress this enough, I broke out really bad around days 7-14 and I started drinking over a gallon of water a day around the two week mark and I think it's really worked wonders. My skin is less dry, my face is clearer, and my IB didn't last too long at all. I just keep a full jug of water with me for most of the day and take drinks every 5-10 mins. It helps!

- Get some aquaphor and CeraVe body cream. Aquaphor for the lips and inside the nose (trust me you're probably gonna need it in for your nose especially in Arizona) - and the body cream is great to use at night before bed. I started using the CeraVe a couple weeks ago, and my face stays pretty flake free during the day, even without moisturizing. In fact, since I've used the CeraVe at night, I haven't had to moisturize my entire face during the day, which is great!

- Take fish oil pills. It will help with your joints, and it's just good for you, period.

Hope this helps, good luck on your course!!

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So I just finished my first week of Accutane... today being my 8th day. I really broke out these past couple days, just pimples forming everywhere you could imagine. I guess it's good that I am reacting to the medicine at least. Side effects that I have experienced are minor headaches within the first few days, dryness pretty much everywhere mostly my face, and dehydration. I have been moisturizing pretty well so my skin isn't that flaky right now. I am so tempted to pop all my white heads but I have to refrain! Haha

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So today is day 35... Sorry I haven't updated in a while but I wanted to show you guys my progress after the first month. I'm now taking 80mg Amnesteem for the next 5 months of my treatment. I have also been prescribed Keflex (Cephalexin) which I will take three 500mg capsules, 3 times daily for 10 days.

As for the first month... I didn't really experience any horrible side effects other than dryness...everywhere! The lips are definitely the worst but you get used to having chapstick on you at all times. I also seem to be a little more worn out than usual but a few more naps solves that! haha

My blood work was fine, and is well to continue my treatment. As far as my acne looks.. I have had a pretty bad initial break out but I seem to be getting better by the day. New pimples everyday and everywhere, including my face, neck, chest, and back.

After 1 month of 40mg Amnesteem












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Just a quick update if anyone reads this: I am not posting pics anymore, maybe at the final end of my course. But I'm half way into month 5 and I am almost completely clear! Only a month or two left and I should be good for hopefully a while.

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