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Dermarolling Q

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Hi guys,

I'm new to this forum and I have a few questions about dermarolling.

To start off, though I am a noob, I have read through many pages in different threads so I hope these questions will not anger any members.

I have considered many treatments but it seems like many people are having success with dermarolling. My scars are considered rolling and in my temple areas.

My first question is: What is the actual price of this procedure?

I see many people here with home self-treatment, but in many articles/sites, it is said that this procedure should only be done by a profession like the vid at this site: http://www.drbustillo.com/roll-cit.htm

In the vid, they said the procedure is $2500 to $3000 American. But I doubt most of you paid that much for the home-kits. Can you clarify please?

Also I see this vid and the patient had dramatic results in one trial.

It's definitely possible that it's manufactured that way for profit but it's nevertheless impressive. What is the realistic (average) results to expect? (mainly through people who have successfully used it)

I read through Lamar's thread http://www.acne.org/messageboard/guys-t217908.html and I believe his personal procedure was dermarolling but it also mentioned "needling" which I did not find a proper explanation.

My last question is: How widely known/utilized is this procedure? Can I go to any dermatologist and expect him/her to be experienced? On that note, does anyone in NYC that have a good dermatologist that you can recommend? :)

I apologize if you heard these questions many times before, but I read for hours and didn't find the exact answers I hoped for. Thanks for reading.

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