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Hello everyone,

I have been battling skin problems my whole life, it's great to have found a place where I'm not alone. Any comments, recommendations, success stories, etc.. are welcome and appreciated. This condition is depressing and affecting every aspect of my life.

I had fractional co2 juvia surgery two months ago to a good part of my face to try and even out skin tonw and reduce acne scarring.

We'll the scarring doesn't seem to be getting much better and it might actually look worst. On top of that the brown spots on my face actually look worst and I have red patches/broken blood vessels on my cheeks. I noticed the areas specifically on the sides of my nose got worst, so I went to a two separate derms and they said I have seborrheic dermatitis (see attached photo). So now I am trying to get that under control which isn't going very well and I'm pretty depressed that my skin looks worst after the laser surgery.

I realize it takes 3-6 months to see the results, but I'm at 2 months now and my skin looks like crap so I'm pretty worried. Any ideas?


A brief history of my skin problems and treatments..

My skin type is combination. My forehead, nose and sides of nose are usually oily with noticeable blackheads in areas and open pores. The area around my eyes is red, has whiteheads sometimes and my lashes are falling out. I have had flaky skin for as long as I can remember. I just thought it was my skin drying out after washing it in the shower, I now know this is because of the Seborrheic Dermatitis. My hands dry out easily and I have had itchy skin for awhile now; scalp, arms, legs, etc. My SD has gotten worst at the age I have read that it usually does, 30. I also had microdermabrasion years back.

My Seborrheic Dermatitis started getting worst after I had fractional co2 juvia surgery, mainly the redness is a lot worst and in areas that weren't as red prior. It's been 2 months since the procedure. I had this to hopefully help acne scaring and dark patches on my skin (one of which is shown in the attached photo, main problem area). Hopefully over the next month my collagen will start to come in and make my skin not as patchy, dry/oily in areas. My cheeks especially are dryer after the procedure.

I am vegan, so I have been taking vitamin supplements while now. I have drastically increased my intake as this condition worsened. I was vegetarian (9 years) years before becoming vegan (5 years now). I eat pretty regularly.

I am about 100% convinced this condition is caused my an imbalance in the body. I have been having digestive problems for years. The left side of my body/abdomen is constantly sore. Have had tons of tests done and all come back ok, even though I know something is wrong.

It seems to have also gotten worst since moving to NYC from SF 2 years ago. The winter makes it look drastically worst. It's been a lot warmer the past few days and my problem areas aren't as red. I'm guessing this has to do with the oil levels in the skin.

Currently I am trying the following for my Seborrheic Dermatitis:

- Head and Shoulders + apple cider vinegar + tea tree oil + water mixed. Been using 1 week. Wash face nightly. Seems to have been helping with the flakiness, not the redness (which is more bothersome to me).

- Avene redness relief cream and thermal spray water. Helps a little with redness and the dryness on cheek areas. Again this is a cover-up solution, not getting at the cause.

- Vitamin supplements:

Veglife vegan multiple, L-Lysine 500mg, Vitamin E - 500mg, Calmag, Betacarotene - 2500IU, Flaxseed oil - 1000mg.

- DrNatura.com Colonix Pack and Flora Protect.

Hopefully this will help cleanse the bad bacteria, the pains I have been having on my left side and digestive problems/abdominal area pain the past few years. I think it's safe to say that my SD has gotten worst over the past few years and it could be in direct connection to the digestive problems I have been having.

Going to add next week:

- Mitamins Advanced Formula (MAF) for Seborrheic Dermatitis, In combination with the cleanse (mainly colon) I am hoping this helps get my body's nutrition levels balanced.

Have tried:

- Olay gental foaming face wash with aloe, will continue using nightly after if the Head and Shoulders mix does not work. Using both caused my face to dry out.

- Slew of lotions and anti-ance regimes.. baby lotion, Aveeno, radient Nutritioniste skin renew, Aquaphor, cover-up (which I think might make SD worst in area used) etc..

- Doxycycline

Mainly used for acne problems not direcly related to SD. Have tried a couple times over the years. Dries out skin.

- Desonide Cream

Helped red areas from SD a couple days, but this is more of a patch to the problem than actually getting to the root of what is causing it, so I am not using it anymore. Also thins skin.

- Tri-Luma Cream

Used for darkened areas on face, Melasma treatment. Irritates skin.

Used for digestive problems:

- Herbal Guard, Prima Clense, Mens Rebuild, used prior to SD condition worsening to cleanse body.



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