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Minocycline and energy drinks??

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I've recently started taking Minocycline and it's finals time here at Texas Tech, which means all-nighters haha. Anyways, I just drank an energy drink and I have a feeling I probably shouldn't have. Does anybody know if there can be any weird effects while on Minocyclin? It's weird, it's kinda hard for me to think straight. Hopefully this will all wear off when the energy drink wears off in about an hour or so. haha


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hey, I'm taking minocycline as well and just (stupidly) had 2 energy drinks. I have this terrible headache and it's hard to think straight. I want to know if you had any side effects from the minocycline/energy drink combination.

Anywho, I'm probably just paranoid... I usually am when it comes to medication.

Send me a reply if you're still alive! :/


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I experienced the same after drinking just a cup of tea and felt all dizzy and strange. I think it´s because of the caffeine.

After a few hours I felt OK again. Also this was in the time I took 2x250mg a day, now I´m on 1x250mg and don´t have the problem with caffeine anymore (or the general lack of concentration I had at the time).

Perhaps there's a link between anti-biotics, caffeine and acne? Anti-biotics prevents it, caffeine increases it (it at least does that for me)? And taking it at the same time has a strange effect? Just "thoughts" ofcourse...

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