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Day 1:

Background: 20, m, had moderate acne for a while (since I was 14-15) that couldn't be controlled with BP/stievamycin/clindoxyl and moderate-severe back acne. I found out about this site a while ago and tried some things I read about on here (ACV, fish oil, zinc, olive oil, coconut oil, aspirin masks) all of which either helped minimally or didn't help at all.

The only thing that dramatically helped was some antibiotics I took about a month ago when I came down with a fever. After about a week of taking the antibiotics, I noticed that all of my cheek acne was gone - although I have had some new pimples come out they have been less problematic than before. It didn't do anything for my nose or back acne though.

A few days ago I went to see the doctor at my university's health clinic who gave me a prescription for accutane - so here I am! Like most people, I am a little nervous and a little excited. I hope that by the time fourth year rolls around (I'm a third year engineering student, working full time over the summer) in September, that my acne will be gone and that I will be able to come back as a new person and no longer have to waste time and energy worrying about how I look every day.

Prescribed dose: 40 mg first two weeks, 80 mg from then on. Let's see what happens :)

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