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You are going along and your face is clear.For some reason you start thinking about pimples.

Maybe you think of when you had one in a certain spot.Then suddenly,one appears there! Sometimes overnight.

This has happend to me so many times I cannot count.I find that if I dont think about my acne it is not as bad as when I focus on it or think about it alot.

Since our bodies and minds are so closely connected,is it possible that thinking acne is worse or developing could actually make it so?

(kinda like how some people use their will to heal themselvesl~mind over matter.In this case the mind is your enemy)

Ever happen to any of you guys?

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I sort of understand what you are saying. When you obsess over something, it is probably going to appear worse than it actually is. I know that a year and a half ago or so I would visit this site for acne advice when I was truly in some bad moments, and I found that I'd stick around for a while trying to educate myself. Every time, I'd have to leave again because I'd start to think about acne, and consequently my acne, way more than I knew was healthy.

The good thing about this type of thinking is that if you want, you can also think in the opposite manner. Once you free yourself from that type of negative, obsessive thinking, life is better. Of course it's not always possible, we all have bad days, but it is achievable for most days. =)

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It could also be that you're stressing yourself out, which is leading to breakouts.

Acne doesn't happen over night; it takes about two weeks for a pimple to form. It's just that it's happening under the skin, so we don't really notice it until it gets to the surface.

If you're stressing about acne, the stress could mess with your hormones, which gets the ol' acne ball a-rolling, and a few weeks later, you've got yourself a breakout. It's not that thinking about acne caused the breakout. It's just that the stress from it started a chain of events that lead to it.

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