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Acne + oil coming back after Tane, help!

I finished a course of accutane from sept-feb. My skin was perfect and ever since a month ago I started breaking out. I went to the derm today to try and get a 2nd course of tane but he denied and told me to try out more topicals (benzaclin and retin-A). My main issue is OILY SKIN! My skin is getting oily again and I think it is what's causing my acne.

Here are some options I'm considering:

1) Proactiv - I used this back in high school. It did keep me clear but did breakout from time to time. It didn't make me completly clear.

2) Retin-A - last time I used it I broke out badly and ended up going on the regimen (which I will never again too time consuming and too hectic). It does control oil from what I've heard and my acne isn't as bad as it was before.

3) Benzaclin - I never heard of it or used it before but it does get good reviews.

Or if anyone has a suggestion for any regimen to help with oily skin and mild acne after tane would help.

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Retin-a is a good option, it is often used in post-accutane maintanence regimes. You shouldn't get a nasty IB as the accutane should have unclogged your pores and yes it does decrease oil production.

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