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Jack Bauer

After years of experimenting, I'm back to Dial soap and...

Yeah. 27 male, here. I don't have severe acne. Most of the time throughout the week, I get small pimples that goes away in a few days, but like the one I have now was like blood filled puss or something. It's been two weeks and now it's starting to disappear.

Anyway, my acne is most likely hormonal and the foods that I eat exacerbate the problem. My face was relatively clear in my twenties until about 2 years ago. So I found this site and decided to try and find opinions on different soaps. I was using Dial. Then I tried all kinds of soap, from Lush tea tree to black soap, Grandpa's soap, Dr. Bhronner's peppermint/TTO soap, and liquid cleansers such as Aveeno ultra calming foaming cleanser. That cleanser REALLY screwed up my face. I had a giant cyst on my nose that I've never gotten before and now there's this blue mark left on my nose. REALLY pissed off. Cetaphil didn't do much either. Matter of fact, cleansers just plain suck for me.

So fast forward to the present, about 2 weeks ago I said screw it. I'm going back to the old soap that I use to use. Didn't really dry my face out since I use the Walgreen's AHA cream, and my pimples started to heal faster. All in all, I'm glad I'm back to Dial. My face feels nice, clean, and tight.

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The orange/gold bar antibaterial soap.

I don't think I've tried the white bar. Is there a difference from the gold bar?

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For some reason soap always seems to work better for me than regular cleansers. Currently, i'm using Trader Joe's tea tree oil soap and I like it so far, I just bought it 3 days ago. I have never tried Dial soap but have always wanted to.

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